NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED: Jeff Sessions greeted by U.S. Attorney Cody Hiland at Little Rock office today. Brian Chilson

The Jeff Sessions tour of Arkansas today is just for show, of course. But they are taking no chances. Reporters were told they would not be allowed to ask questions of. Only carefully selected citizens were to be allowed to attend the “roundtables” scheduled this afternoon at Lake Hamilton School District to promote guns in schools.

The resistance will be more accessible to the public than Sessions and a variety of other officials looking for pre-ordained free messaging through compliant media.


Several political candidates will have a Ditch DeVos and Skip Sessions rally (DeVos canceled plans to be here, too) at 2 p.m. today at 310 Ouachita Avenue, Hot Springs. Participating our Democratic congressional candidates Hayden Shamel (4th District) and Chintan Desai (1st) along with Democratic state representative candidates Monica Ball (District 39) and Kallen Peret (District 24).

I’m expecting other candidates and Moms Demand members to demonstrate at Lake Hamilton as well. Perhaps someone will be able to shout a question at Sessions’ passing SUV.


Hey, maybe some brave reporter will try to toss Sessions a question despite the gag order at Cody Hiland’s office. I’d start with his new task force of religious conservatives aimed at preserving legal discrimination against gay people.

Maybe some intrepid TV reporters will seek out counter-point to their controlled feeding in Little Rock and Lake Hamilton.


A big question today is of course how the attorney general of the U.S. feels about being told by the reality show president to shut down a productive criminal investigation.

UPDATE:  Sessions said he’s tough on crime. Nobody asked a question.

The promotion at Lake Hamilton of more armed people in schools, nominally a “field hearing” of the pro-gun school “safety” commission, can be watched here. The Lake Hamilton superintendent, long an advocate for more armed people on campus, is the lead testifier. He touts the 60 hours of training his people receive in everything from live fire training to combat wound treatment. He said he knows his people are not professional law enforcement, “but we’re not Barney Fife either.” He noted that his staff who are licensed as security are not teachers or principals and their weapons are kept in a readily accessible but “double-locked” place.