Clarke Tucker, the Democratic candidate for 2nd District Congress, has called on Republican incumbent Rep. French Hill to reconsider his refusal to participate in a televised debate in September and to join him for a series of three debates.

It was reported yesterday that only Tucker had agreed to participate in a debate on KATV next month. Hill has agreed to appear in an AETN debate in October. Tucker released a statement:


“If you are running for public office, part of the job description is to be accessible to voters and to let the people know where you stand on the issues,” Tucker said. “That is why I am inviting Congressman Hill to join me on stage for at least three debates between now and Election Day for a respectful, robust dialogue. From high health care costs to stagnant wages, from making sure we do right by our kids in school to our veterans who have come home to our seniors whose Social Security and Medicare is now in jeopardy, there are far too many issues facing this great country to pass on an opportunity to speak to voters about them.”

The Tucker campaign hand-delivered a letter to Hill’s campaign today.

I reached John Grove, Hill’s campaign manager. He said he’d get back to me with a response.