Sarah Huckabee Sanders was nailed again yesterday for peddling baloney in a White House press briefing. For once, she acknowledged it, grudgingly and with more spin. But that wasn’t all for her on the racially fraught Trump front.

She had said President Obama created 195,000 jobs for African-Americans during eight years in office. The number is closer to 3 million. And the rise in black employment was on a steady trajectory under Obama. Donald Trump’s claim that record employment for blacks is his achievement is wildly misleading.

Late Tuesday, after widespread debunking, Sanders finally backed down.

Later Tuesday, the White House Council of Economic Advisers took responsibility for the mistake and published new data comparing black job creation following Obama’s elections in 2008 and 2012 with black job creation following Trump’s election in 2016.

“Apologies for @WhiteHouseCEA’s earlier miscommunication to [Sanders],” the CEA said on Twitter.

Sanders later followed with a statement of her own.

“Correction from today’s briefing: Jobs numbers for Pres Trump and Pres Obama were correct, but the time frame for Pres Obama wasn’t,” she said on Twitter. “I’m sorry for the mistake, but no apologies for the 700,000 jobs for African Americans created under President Trump.”

But really. What’s one false statement in a steady torrent of them?


Sanders got more attention yesterday for saying she couldn’t guarantee Trump hadn’t uttered a racial epithet. That, too, is an argument hardly worth having. His actions and policies make clear enough how he views people of different races and religions. By his own words, we know they are lowlife, dangerous, crazy, dumb, low-IQ lying animals and sons of bitches from shithole countries, though if they are not dogs he just might grab their pussies.

UPDATE: More here on how Sanders alone mangled the dubious data massaged to make Trump look good.