“Arezzo Rooftop”, 43"x64", oil, 2014

MADE is an exhibit that brings together the work of four Arkansas artists of remarkable talent: Matthew Lopas (M), Alice Andrews (A), Dennis McCann (D) and Eleanor Dickinson (E). The show opened to a full house at Boswell-Mourot Fine Art on August 11, but there’s still time to go and see it before it ends on September 1.


Matthew Lopas is an art professor at Hendrix, who has said of his innovative use of perspective, “I found a way to paint like a mapmaker, and there’s no way to do it without distorting [..] the distortion makes it exciting and interesting. Ultimately an artist wants to be creative, and I found a way that makes it exciting and unique.”

Alice Andrews draws on the wealth of visual imagery from life in the Ozarks to express an ancient urge toward creativity: “My paintings come from the need to make a mark, like drawing in the dirt, or like scratches made on cave walls, a primal drive to create something out of emotions, to make the spirit visible.”


Formerly a firefighter for the Little Rock Fire Department, Dennis McCann photographs the textures around him—human, urban and domestic—and re-sees them for us by creating striking, large-format compositions. “[The] one constant in my work,” he says,” is the use of sunlight and shadows to establish interesting compositions.”

Eleanor Dickinson transports you: “The content of my work,” she says “comes from travel experiences, hence an elaborate travel log. In simplifying, abstracting, and extracting the visual elements remembered and documented from my travels, I reinterpret them in a personal context, that is both a portrayal of home and a picture of the world.”


See the show before it’s over at Boswell-Mourot, in the Heights. To be the first to find out about upcoming shows, click here to join the Boswell-Mourot mailing list, and follow them now on Facebook.

Boswell-Mourot Fine Art
5815 Kavanaugh Blvd.

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