CARJACKING: Red marker on Bouresse Drive.

Howard Shelton, 60, was shot in the left leg and his car stolen while delivering newspapers on Bouresse Drive in west Little Rock about 4:40 a.m. today.

Shelton was delivering papers in his 2015 Chrysler 300 on Bouresse Drive, which is in Duquesne Place off Chenal Parkway near Highway 10. A resident of the street, Jason Willett, 50, reported to police that Shelton had his vehicle stolen at gunpoint and was shot.


Shelton, who was in “visible distress,” told officers that he was at the front door of another home on the street when he saw a man near his car. He said the man fired a shot at him as he ran toward the car. Shelton tried to stop the man. He grabbed the handgun through the driver’s door as the suspect began to drive away. He was dragged beside the vehicle for a distance. Shelton said he saw a red vehicle flee west at the same time.

Shelton suffered a gunshot wound to his lower left leg and also abrasions from being dragged beside the car.