HENDERSON: Blasts tax cut idea.

Jared Henderson has sharply criticized Gov. Asa Hutchinson‘s idea for a state income tax cut because of its disproportionate benefit to high-income people.

His statement:

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jared Henderson says he is astounded by the Hutchinson administration’s lack of priority for working Arkansans upon the announcement of his most recent $192 million annual tax cut plan that still largely benefits the highest-earning Arkansans.

“After 32 years in politics, Asa Hutchinson could not be more disconnected from what it means to get working Arkansans ahead. In his new proposal, 75% of the tax cut will go towards the state’s top earners making more than $80,000 a year. If he thinks this is a serious improvement from his initial proposal to benefit only the wealthiest Arkansans, he still isn’t getting the picture,” Henderson said.

“Throughout my time working in business and Arkansas public schools, I’ve learned that it takes investing in public education, public infrastructure, and public safety if we want Arkansas to make serious gains in the next 10 years,” Henderson added. “Working Arkansans will only get an average of less than $100 a year from this plan, but meanwhile cuts could be made to vital state services to pay for this and that money could be more widely invested in providing more equitable education, job opportunities, and safer roads.”