ANTHONY BLAND: Raps Tim Griffin on Issue One.

Anthony Bland, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, has blasted Republican incumbent Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin for endorsing Issue One, to limit awards and attorney fees in damage suits and to strip the Arkansas Supreme Court of rule-making power in favor of the legislature.

The amendment, backed by corporate lobbies, puts a $500,000 limit on damages in suits over, among others, medical malpractice and nursing home negligence. Said Bland in a release:

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“Individuals should not have an arbitrary dollar amount placed their lives, it is wrong” Bland said, “They trust local juries to be honest and fair.” Bland believes the measure takes the power away from our citizens and places it in the hands of big government and state politicians. Dr. Bland was critical of Griffin’s contributions from special interest groups. “This proposal is backed by big business and powerful special interests whose sole motivation is to put more power in the hands of corrupt political powers.” Said Bland, “Lt. Governor Griffin has long been a beneficiary of those same special interests. Of course he supports their agenda.”