Secure Arkansas

From the stopped-clock school of politics: Secure Arkansas, a far-right group known particularly for opposition to immigration, lays out here many reasons to oppose Issue One, the proposed amendment that would cap damages in lawsuits, restrict attorney fees in those suits and strip the Supreme Court of rule-making power in favor of the corrupt, special-interest controlled legislature. They provide another opportunity to replay the hoots of ridicule swamp-dweller Rep. Bob Ballinger received when he tried to claim every single legislator was merely a public servant. He profited directly from pumping unconstitutional money into the Ecclesia College criminal enterprise.

Secure Arkansas notes that so-called “tort reform” is part of the Koch-backed American Legislative Exchance Council agenda and being pushed by ALEC acolytes such as Ballinger and Sen. Missy Irvin.


ALEC legislators are more loyal to the ALEC agenda to promote corporate-friendly legislation in the states than to state law or constitution, Secure Arkansas charges, and lists ways ALEC promotes a corporate agenda, not the public welfare. Drug companies are among the beneficiaries it cites.

Preach it.