Arkansas Baptist College has issued a news release, posted on KTHV, announcing new leadership for the college, which has had a series of financial struggles.

Little Rock lawyer Richard Mays is the chair of the Board of Trustees and Regina Favors, former CEO of a subsidiary of Arkansas Blue Cross and Bule Shield, has been appointed interim president.


The school’s former president, Joseph Jones, is suing the college over his termination. He’s contended he was left with financial problems created during the tenure of Fitz Hill as president.  College  leaders contended ones’ practices had created financial problems for the college. Howard Gibson served as interim president after Jones’ departure in December.

Fitz Hill remains at the college as director of the Scott Ford Center and executive director of the Arkansas Baptist College Foundation, a point of contention for some critics of current college leadership. But Mays in the news release credited Hill for a period of college growth during his 10 years as president.


Said Mays in the release:

Our goal is to send a strong message to all who have ever supported this institution that this board and all of those who serve the college are committed to renewing and enriching our relationships as we continue to work together to have a positive life-changing impact on those we serve and the community that supports us,” added Mays.