Where’s the rain? Scratch that.

Apart from that, here’s the open line.


Websurfing observation: A lot of website are putting out a lot of information about Dallas police shooting that no regular news source has provided — specifically name of the officer and information about the possibility that the officer and victim knew each other. I still say it is simple police privilege that the name of the shooter has not been released, never mind whether charges have been filed or she has been placed in custody.

For Saturday night reading: David Brock recalls when he worked with Brett Kavanaugh on the right-wing Arkansas Project to bring down Bill Clinton and his role in the Paula Jones perjury trap that Clinton stepped right into with the Ken Starr special persecution team. There was also his ghoulish pursuit of a favorite right-wing fantasy, the murder of Vince Foster.


ALSO: Not seeing much Twitter activity on Alabama football — up 40-0 with four minutes left in first half. Looks like they were served cupcakes today.