Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Dan Kemp also yesterday said he would not participate in a case seeking to toss the casino expansion amendment off the ballot. He did not give a reason.

We reported yesterday his recusal from the lawsuit over Issue One, the lawsuit limitation/court control amendment. He had earlier spoken critically about the proposal to strip the court of rulemaking authority and he also has a daughter working for the Wright law firm, which has a lawyer defending the proposed amendment. That law firm is also representing proponents of the casino amendment in a lawsuit filed by Scott Trotter on behalf of residents of four counties that would have casinos under the amendment.

Two separate lawsuits challenge the casino amendment — Trotter’s for a misleading ballot title and another for the amendment’s creation of monopolies. Kemp hasn’t filed notice on the second suit.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson will appoint special justices to replace Kemp.