The Washington Post reports that Trump campaign manager has struck a plea deal with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller that includes a cooperation agreement. Lock them up.

The deal reportedly caps his prison time at 10 years. But maybe his cooperation will be so useful that his sentencing judge will give him a pipe dream like Micah Neal received yesterday in Fayetteville for seeking out and taking kickbacks from money he sent to a putatively Christian college. Neal got a year of home detention, somewhat to his own surprise.

The deal covers a pending tax case. Manafort sent millions offshore to avoid taxes.

The filing also offers new details about the various ways in which Manafort sought to surreptitiously lobby the U.S. government and influence American public opinion toward Ukraine.

…The document also says Manafort “orchestrated a scheme to have, as he wrote in a contemporaneous communication, ‘[O]bama jews’ put pressure on the administration to disavow Tymoshenko and support Yanukovych,” the document said.

Many speculate Manafort is still counting on a pardon from Donald Trump.