I spoke briefly with HIllary Clinton Sunday night after her talk at the Clinton Library and encouraged her to keep giving the opposition hell. “What else is there to do?” she replied.

And, boy, has she.


She’s written an afterword to her book “What Happened.” She had a reasoned appearance on Rachel Maddow last night, with a good bit of discussions on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination. Her enemies still want her to shut up, of course. I think this Twitter thread last night captures the essence of her forceful message. Some of the Tweets:

On the day after the election, I hoped my fears for our country’s future were overblown.

They were not.

Donald Trump refuses to be subject to the law. The legitimacy of our elections is in doubt. The president is waging war on the truth. The administration is undermining the national unity that makes democracy possible. And then there’s the breathtaking corruption.

There is a tendency, when talking about these things, to wring our hands about “both sides.” But the truth is that this is not a symmetrical problem.

We should be clear about this: The increasing radicalism and irresponsibility of the Republican Party, including decades of demeaning government, demonizing Democrats, and debasing norms, is what gave us Donald Trump.

Whether it was stealing a Supreme Court seat, gerrymandering congressional districts to disenfranchise African Americans, or muzzling government climate scientists, Republicans were undermining American democracy long before Trump made it to the Oval Office.

With our democracy in crisis and our institutions and traditions under siege, we need to do everything we can to fight back. Here’s how.

The Twitter thread continues with her ideas: First, vote in the midterm. Improve ethics laws. Protect election integrity. Improve civics education.


The MAGA crowd piles on Clinton in the replies, as you might expet. Happily, she’s not going to be shouted down.