The Arkansas Department of Correction’s Tucker Unit and Tucker Maximum Security Unit have had limited or no water flow since Saturday, a prison spokesman said.

The maximum security unit’s flow had returned intermittently since Monday, according to ADC spokesman Solomon Graves:


More from Graves:

A power failure in the well pumping system followed by a drop in the water level of the tank servicing both units, led to the limited water supply and to both units being placed under a boil order by the Department of Health. The boil order will continue until lifted by the Department of Health. Both units have potable water available for inmates and staff, to include a 5,000 gallon water tank from the Arkansas Army National Guard and four smaller tanks owned by the department.

Maintenance staff at both units have worked since the weekend to inspect the system, and to make the necessary repairs to bring the system back to normal service levels. A contractor was brought in this morning to survey the water lines for leaks. If no leaks are found, normal service will be restored to both units.

A family member of an inmate yesterday called to complain about the water situation. An inmate told KARK, Channel 4, that he’d only been provided a small cup of water every five or six hours and hadn’t been able to regularly flush his toilet.


UPDATE: Graves said the boil order for water in the Tucker Unit had been lifted Wednesday afternoon. He said the Tucker Max Unit was still under a boil order.