Judge Timothy Brooks has denied a reduction in a forfeiture order against Randell Shelton, convicted in the scheme to pay kickbacks to legislators and himself for state money sent to Ecclesia College.

Shelton was sentenced to 72 months. The judge also found that a cash judgment of $664,000 should be entered against Shelton for state money shipped to Ecclesia, including $42,000 paid to Shelton for other legislative assistance apart from the $621,500 shipped in General Improvement Fund money.

Later, Shelton, joined by the government, said the judgment should be reduced to $267,000, to reflect only the money he actually pocketed. The judge said some differences were developing around the country in interpreting statutes in finding whether defendants were responsible for only money they obtained or rather for the larger losses in a crime. But he cited a Sixth Circuit decision that said a defendant could be held responsible for property received by others in a crime. He said it was a close call, but declined to modify the forfeiture order.

Shelton has filed notice of appeal of his conviction. He must report to prison Oct. 8. Jon Woods, the senator who masterminded the scheme, was to report to federal prison at 1 p.m. today. As yet, the federal website doesn’t list his new home for more than 18 years. Former Rep. Micah Neal is serving a home confinement sentence. Oren Paris III, the former college president, must report Oct. 10 to serve three years.