MARK MARTIN: His deeds n 'voter fraud' live after him.

Secretary of State Mark Martin is set for  another international junket, this one to Taiwan, flying business class courtesy of the Taiwanese government.

The news release says the occasion is US Business Day and Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council “invited Secretary of State Mark Martin to represent Arkansas at the event.


He will first travel to Houston on Friday for a meeting with the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, and then on to Taiwan for the event, said the release.

A spokesman said the Taiwan government and Martin is flying business class “as are all their invited guests.”


Martin has no duties except self-declared in trade. That’s generally viewed as the work of the Arkansas Economic Development Department, which has been working hard to develop business with China, a country with which Taiwan has long had political friction.

Martin’s travels drew some attention from auditors when he charged a trip to Ghana to taxpayers. He pretty well gave the legislature the finger on that criticism. He’s also traveled to China and other exotic locales.


Election season is underway, something that Mark Martin IS responsible for overseeing. But given his friendship with Kris Kobach, the rogue Kansas secretary of state and some of the misbegotten schemes they’ve been involved in, perhaps the farther he is from election machinery the better. I look forward to YouTube of this:

Secretary Martin will make a presentation on Arkansas trade opportunities to an assembled group of Taiwanese business leaders as a keynote speaker. He will also have meetings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Taiwan-US Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs and with business leadership of potential trade and investment partners for Arkansas.

FYI: What the Arkansas Constitution says about the duties of Martin’s elected office:

The Secretary of State shall keep a full and accurate record of all the official acts and proceedings of the Governor; and, when required, lay the same with all papers, minutes and vouchers relating thereto, before either branch of the General Assembly. He shall also discharge the duties of Superintendent of Public Instruction, until otherwise provided by law.

He’s defended his broader role here.

Susan Inman, running to succeed the term-limited Martin, has promised to focus like a laser on improving our voting system and increasing participation. Elect her. She has years of experience in the office and in elections.