IN HAPPIER TIMES: John Shipan on 'Ellen.'

NEA Report has a stunner for these  times:: Jonesboro Police Officer John Shipman, once a Republican candidate for Craighead sheriff, said on social media that 80 percent of rape reports are false, a figure he produced in defense of his assertion that Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford was “lying.” Official reaction has been appropriate except for one quibble: How is he still employed as a law officer?

Shipman hasn’t responded to NEA Report about his Facebook comments. The article notes that studies put false reports of rape at about 5 percent (and that’s of reports, never mind all those that are NOT reported.) It also says Shipman offered no evidence, other than his purported experience, for presuming Ford’s dishonesty. Reactions:


* Assistant City Attorney Jessica Thomason said comments like Shipman’s intimidate victims from coming forward.

* Second Judicial District Prosecutor, Scott Ellington.


Really? Somebody actually said that? An attitude like that is exactly why many victims don’t feel comfortable coming forward and reporting a sexual assault.

^ Police Chief Rick Elliott:

That is not the department’s stance. I was not happy when I saw that.

* Executive Director of the Family Crisis Center, Vicki Gestring-Crego


It’s frustrating to people because they don’t understand sometimes why it may take a victim of sexual assault a long time before he or she says anything about it. There’s still a lot of victim blaming that occurs. 

Shipman had prior notoriety. He dropped out of a  Republican race for sheriff after his son, then a Jonesboro patrol officer, was charged with child porn possession. Until the charge came along, things were going well for Shipman, except in NEA Report.

As the “Back The Blue” organizer, Shipman attained fame by appearing on Ellen to highlight his work through the organization within the community. However, a series of stories by this reporter in The Jonesboro Sun showed Back The Blue was a for-profit organization Shipman had misrepresented to the public as being a non-profit charity. Shipman was running for sheriff in 2016 on the laurels of his work with the group. His campaign continued even after the series of negative stories.

Shipman isn’t well-versed with the law, it appears. Said NEA Report:

Shipman seemed to believe there must be a witness for a rape report to be true.

It illustrated with a Facebook exchange:


Further police review of Shipman has been promised by the chief.

With friends like these, Brett Kavanaugh needs no enemies.