The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has committed around a quarter of a million dollars to a TV ad buy this month in support of Clarke Tucker’s challenge of Republican U.S. Rep. French Hill.

Tucker’s campaign today acknowledged the news, which had been rumored for days.


It means two things:

1) Democrats still think the race is winnable. The road is littered with candidates on both sides who’ve lost national party support in the waning days of a campaign because the parties have decided money was better spent elsewhere.


2) The  DCCC ads will be harder hitting against Hill than Tucker’s own ads, which have emphasized his personal story, his family and his support for broad health care legislation. Hill has repeatedly tried to kill the Affordable Care Act.

You can also count on French Hill, in response, to intone Nancy Pelosi with the repetitiveness of a Chatty Kathy doll, however little Pelosi has to do with Tucker’s views or campaign.


Maybe somebody could ask French HIll how he feels about Brett Kavanaugh. Or the permit for that hog farm in the Buffalo River watershed. Or universal background checks on gun purchases. Or safe storage guns laws. Or laws impairing women’s access to contraception, to name just a few of the subjects he’s been able to dodge to date.