Health care is emerging as a potent issue
in congressional races around the country, particularly for Republicans who voted to gut the Affordable Care Act and effectively eliminate coverage for pre-existing illnesses. Think Republican Rep. French Hill of Little Rock.

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Republicans have taken to running blatantly dishonest ads about how THEY will protect coverage of sick people and protect Medicare, though Republican budget plans call for slashing Medicare and other safety net programs.

Time for all Democrats to get tough. Democrat Clarke Tucker has emphasized health care in his challenge of French Hill, but has shied away from direct attacks preferring to emphasize positive themes, such as his latest TV ad featuring his redoubtable grandmother, 97-year-old Kathryn Bost. She’s a pip, no doubt.


But I hope the $275,000 the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee plans to deploy against Hill is used in ways more like Hill’s slashing (and dishonest) advertising incessantly claiming Tucker’s a tool of Nancy Pelosi and enemy of Medicare. The millionaire banker wants to protect your Medicare? That’s rich. His vote to repeal ACA and cripple insurance coverage of sick people tells you all you need to know. That and his running from open dialogue with the press and public, except the softball pitchers.