AETN began taping political debates this morning for airing later, but, as yet, the live streaming isn’t working.  Too bad.

1st District Democratic congressional candidate Chintan Desai got in some licks on Republican incumbent Rep. Rick Crawford for his refusal to hold town halls and to support an increase in the minimum wage. Crawford and other Republicans think themselves safe enough to limit exposure to a single hour on AETN, with a Libertarian candidate as an additional buffer. And they may be right.

Nonetheless, Democrat Clarke Tucker and Republican Rep. French Hill will meet for their single time at 2 p.m. today. You can check to see if they have the live stream working yet.


Also, I should have said the 4th District race is to be taped at 11:30 a.m. and theoretically streamed. Republican Rep. Bruce Westerman will make his sole appearance with Democrat Hayden Shamel. Westerman, too, has avoided broad public exposure.

UPDATE: AETN is working live for the 4th District debate. Shamel is talking specifics and talking them well, including Westerman’s vote against Internet neutrality. She also drew a sharp difference in support of an increase in the minimum wage, which Westerman opposes. Shamel speaks with for more assurance and specificity than Westerman. And loaded with facts, such as his vote to gut coverage of pre-existing conditions.