SEEMS APPROPRIATE: For Conway debate no-shows. TeeRepublic

A political debate for legislative candidates in Conway — a debate Sen. Jason Rapert originally encouraged — has now been scrapped because of a fuss started by Rapert’s refusal to participate.

Rapert, the Republican incumbent, pulled out because his Democratic opponent, Maureen Skinner said he’d been endorsed by the KKK. Rapert was sorely offended. She said she was merely referring to the recent Capitol appearance of Thom Robb, the leader of the KKK, in support of Rapert’s 10 Commandments monument. Like Rapert, Robb insists this is a Christian nation.


The Log Cabin Democrat, sponsor of the event, had planned to go ahead. But it said in a release today that Spencer Hawks, the Republican candidate for House District 70, had also decided not to participate, citing ‘issues concerning the developing nature of this debate.” Conway Alderman Andy Hawkins is the Democratic candidate for the seat.