These days, comedy sketches write themselves. See Kanye West’s visit to the Oval Office, retold by Saturday Night Live. It doesn’t seem to hurt Donald Trump or those who run under his banner. But, here in Arkansas, we still hold hope.

His poll numbers are up.

Sure, there’s a gender gap, but it cuts both ways. Suburban men like what they see.


In Arkansas, he has a net approval rating of 12, good news for what will undoubtedly be another Republican electoral sweep in the state.

But hope springs eternal for some particularly fine Democratic candidates. Noted: Strong positive column this morning by John Brummett on secretary of state candidate Susan Inman. She’s without peer on qualifications, she killed John Thurston in the AETN debate, he’s wasted money as state land commissioner and he showed himself this week as a churlish sort. Is an R behind a name all it takes? Thurston seemed to think so. Wouldn’t it be nice if competence counted?