After a video went viral of the historic Beaver suspension bridge in Carroll County sagging beneath the weight of a tour bus, the Arkansas Department of Transportation has decided to close the bridge for a closer inspection, 40/29 reports.

“The bridge has required temporary closures since early October due to scheduled routine maintenance. ARDOT engineers decided to take a closer look at the bridge after receiving results of a special bridge inspection. Until the review is complete, the bridge will remain closed,” the department announced Tuesday.

The bridge has a 10-ton limit. The tour bus that crossed it weighed 35 tons, the highway department said earlier.

Here’s the video of the problematic crossing caught on Facebook by Barb Hartman Mather. After an initial inspection, the department said they’d found no damage. GPS directions apparently point to the bridge as a short-cut route to Holiday Island but drivers of heavier vehicles sometimes ignore the posted weight limit.