CONTROVERSIAL: Vernon Robinson has caused controversy before. Witness this response mocking him in a 2006 race in North Carolina.

Whoa. A conservative group claiming to be representative of black people supporting Donald Trump has bought radio advertising on black-oriented stations in Little Rock to help Republican Rep. French Hill. It’s provocative to put it mildly.

In short, the ad suggests French Hill would serve as a protector against white women making unfounded charges of rape against black men. One women says white Democrats  will bring back lynching. It ties into the guilty-until-proven-innocence theme developed during Trump’s defense of sexual assault allegations made by multiple women against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


The buy suggests some concern about Hill’s standing in the race against Clarke Tucker, who should poll well among black voters as Democrats traditionally have in the 2nd District. But Hill has formed some strategic alliances and now has some Trump money on his side to help.

Hear the awfulness here.


UPDATE: A man from North Carolina named Vernon Robinson is behind this PAC. He’s a former Congressional candidate and long-time crackpot. He’s black. Anti-gay and xenophobic messaging is his stock in trade.


The Democratic Party apparently plans to call on French Hill, GOP chair Doyle Webb and others to denounce the ads. No word yet from Webb, who’s often short on decency, but French Hill did issue a statement reported by Jessi Turnure of KARK/Fox 16:

“I condemn this outrageous ad in the strongest terms. There’s no place in Arkansas for this nonsense.”

So he appears to take the high road while reaping benefits. Good deal. He made it better later by decrying opponent Clarke Tucker’s criticism of the ad by Hill supporters. Tucker should be linking hands with him and singing a hymn of togetherness instead, Hill risibly suggested.

UPDATE: Later in the afternoon, the Arkansas GOP issued a statement calling the ad despicable and calling for it to be pulled. Again no word if Webb had gotten in touch with Robinson, who’s apparently also behind ads that say Democrats want to abort black children.

State Rep. Michael John Gray, Democratic Party chair, issued a statement earlier:


“This pro-French Hill radio ad is racist. It demeans the pain and experience of African Americans and exploits for political gain centuries of segregation and racial violence, including lynching. Instead of calling the ad for what it is—overtly racist, dangerous, and immoral—Congressman French Hill and Arkansas GOP Chairman Doyle Webb have revealed their disturbing lack of awareness and insensitivity not only to African Americans, but to all Arkansans who recognize that this ad is just plain wrong. Make no mistake, if they do not immediately and publicly call for the advertisement’s removal from Arkansas airwaves, they support its message loud and clear.”

Here, by the way, is a recent report on where Robinson’s PAC gets its money. From names and places, they sound like a group of older white people. Some web searching clearly identifies several as non-black.

Here’s a taste of Robinson’s advertising in his North Carolina political days.

And more commentary on his past nuttiness. Also, there was the time he called himself the black Jesse Helms.