DANGEROUS BUNCH? So says the Saline Cocunty Repuboican chair about Saline County Progressives.

The latest in bogus Republican political attacks comes from Saline County, where Steve Lux, chairman of the county Republican Committee, has sent a letter warning members of the Benton-Bryant Chamber of Commerce that a progressive group working to elect Democrats in the county is allied with a socialist group that wants nothing less than “the elimination of private business.” This is, of course, nonsense.

The letter from Lux, who didn’t answer the number on the letter, is below. It’s hard to read.


You can read the whole thing on this Facebook link. Wrote Lux, in part:


I learned that a group called the Progressive Party of Saline County had talked a number of their members into running for office on the Democrat ticket this year. You may not be aware of this local Progressive Party but they are affiliated with the National Progressive Socialist Party. Many things in their national platform are troubling, to say the least! A few examples are that their national platform calls for a $15 minimum wage, the elimination of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (including the Border Patrol), the implementation of Nationalized Health Care (at a cost of $3.2 trillion per year), and worst of all; the elimination of private ownership of business. I was truly shocked to learn all this, especially their long-term plan to impose government ownership of all business. Based on their national platform, clearly, the individuals running on the Democrat ticket in Saline County this year aren’t at all like the moderate Democrats who have successfully run for state or county office in the past.

Well, no. Let Cynthia Bowden, a Benton High graduate, employee of a Little Rock church and a member of the Saline County Progressives, explain:


Saline County Progressives is an independent nonpartisan group of locals who have worked to establish The Little Free Pantry setting off a chain of pantries in town for the needy. We work with Cjcohn to collect donations for families. We have raised money and collected items for hurricane relief in both Houston and Puerto Rico. We provide educational opportunities for our community with qualified speakers on a variety of topics.

You can find Saline County Progressives PAC on Facebook:

• This is a group for progressives who want to affect change In Saline County. We welcome all members of our community who want to make positive, progressive transformation for future generations.

• Our purpose is to be part of a movement that believes in an interdependent world that respects and upholds human rights, democratic processes, economic justice, peaceful resolutions to conflicts, and environmental preservation and protection.

• Our plan is to provide support to those in our community who are marginalized and to educate our community on progressive policy that will empower and protect all.

• Our mission is to serve and protect women, children, minorities and other marginalized populations. We are committed to help not only politically with civic involvement but also through community building endeavors to honor our purpose.

To be clear: They are NOT affiliated with the Nationalist Progressive Socialist Party. Said a spokesman:

We have no national affiliations. We were temporarily associated with Saline County Democrats. We have no affiliation with any other organization whatsoever.

The lie will circle Benton and Bryant a thousand times before the truth takes a single step.


For what it’s worth: Paranoia strikes deep.