LESLIE RUTLEDGE: Faces ethics complaint.

Blue Hog Report says that the Ethics Commission has confirmed it will investigate what appears to be an ethics law violation he found in Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s campaign records — a May 21 contribution of $2,700 from the Republican Attorneys General Association eight days before the PAC was registered in the state.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Even if the Ethics Commission upholds the obvious, the mulligan rule put into law with leadership from the felonious Jon Woods probably means this can be fixed without a foul call. Or maybe a mild caution by the Republican-controlled commission to be more careful in the future.


You’d think Rutledge WOULD be a little more careful as current leader of RAGA, which rakes in corporate cash at deluxe retreats to spread around to the right kinds of candidates.

Rutledge’s Democratic opponent, Mike Lee, used the occasion to note again that RAGA had raked in $1 million from the opioid industry. He commented further:


“It appears this ethics complaint against my opponent is justified. The Attorney General should immediately return the illegal PAC contribution. Moreover, she should explain to the public why she continues to raise money from the opioid industry to fund political campaigns. I look forward to the Ethics Commission’s findings. Voters deserve a swift conclusion to this matter.” said Lee.

Lee said it was past time for the commission also to act on his complaint against former Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson for using campaign money for personal expenses. Hutchinson additionally faces federal charges related to that spending.