The AAUW’s annual wage survey ranks Arkansas 30th in the gender pay gap comparing the median income of men and women.

The median pay for full-time workers in 2017 in Arkansas was $43,266 for men and $34,154 for women. In other words, Arkansas women make about 79 cents on the dollar compared with men. California led the ranking at 89 cents on the dollar. Louisiana brought up the rear at 69 cents.


The AAUW doesn’t just curse the darkness. It provides some light with a free one-hour course on negotiating better pay.

Here’s the full report.


Here’s some information on national differences in professional pay.

An analysis in The Simple Truth found that the jobs with the biggest collective gender gaps, where women in the profession collectively lose out on billions of dollars annually, are:

Financial managers, $19.6 billion (65 percent pay ratio)

Physicians and surgeons, $19.5 billion (71 percent pay ratio)

Accountants and auditors, $17.3 billion (78 percent pay ratio)

First-line supervisors of retail sales workers, $14.8 billion (74 percent pay ratio)

Registered nurses, $12.5 billion (92 percent pay ratio)

The only gap favoring women among the 114 occupations analyzed by AAUW was among wholesale and retail buyers where women were paid $235 million more than men.