Mike Lee, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, says he’d sue to loosen federal law on medical marijuana.

In a news release, he said he wanted:


* To allow those who have prescriptions for medical marijuana to be allowed to keep their firearms, otherwise currently prohibited by federal law.

* to reschedule medical marijuana so that the gun prohibition wouldn’t apply.


* A state law to prohibit state agencies from sharing information linking medical marijuana patients and firearms purchasers.

He said he’d sue to get medical benefits of marijuana recognized, an effort that to date has been unsuccessful nationwide.


He said in a statement

Veterans and Arkansans shouldn’t have to choose between listening to their doctors and keeping their Second Amendment rights. Arkansas has voted to allow medical marijuana. My opponent does not have a plan to allow gun owners to keep their firearms if their doctors direct them to take medical marijuana. I do have a plan and it will protect all the rights of Arkansans,