The list is long but here’s another solid on which to make a choice between re-electing Attorney General Leslie Ruitledge or favoring challenger Mike Lee: Net neutrality.

Rutledge wants to do away with net neutrality rules. Lee wants to protect them.


His release:

Incumbent Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has entangled Arkansas in a legal brief, with just two other states, defending the Federal Communications Commission decision to repeal net neutrality rules. In addition to repealing federal protections, the FCC decision also precludes states from developing their own net neutrality rules. Democratic Attorney General candidate Mike Lee announced he would stand up for Arkansans and instead join a U.S. Circuit of Appeals for the District of Columbia lawsuit with 22 other states fighting for the restoration of net neutrality rules.

“As Attorney General I’ll fight back against any decision that will restrict your access to the internet. Net neutrality rules protect consumers and small businesses. Without them we could see just a handful of companies restrict your access to certain websites and products by slowing down your internet connection. That’s bad for the economy and bad for your personal freedom. My opponent thinks this is perfectly fine, I do not. As Attorney General I will always put the interests of the people of Arkansas first,” said Lee.

“Arkansans deserve quality internet access in order to do basic things like search for jobs and pursue an education. This state needs to be moving forward to expand internet access. Yet we have an Attorney General who using the federal court system to restrict it. Arkansas deserves an Attorney General that will represent their interests. That’s why I’m running to be the People’s Lawyer.”

This is a pure consumer protection issue, something that is a duty of the attorney general. She hasn’t done much with it, preferring to travel around the U.S. suing to protect guns, tear down women’s medical rights, discriminate against gay people, harm unions and protect money lenders.