Jan Morgan, the gun-waving Trumpican who was soundly defeated by Asa Hutchinson in the Republican gubernatorial primary, isn’t ALWAYS off base, as evidenced by her comment on Twitter yesterday about former Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, facing felony charges related to personal use of campaign money.

She links to — and apparently looks askance at — the website raising money for Hutchinson’s legal defense. The accused lawyer is entitled to a defense, of course. And in following the path of many accused felons before him, he’s reaching out to friends to help pay his legal bills.

Former U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins is a leader of the defense fund. To date, he has refused to respond to questions about the fund — specifically, how much has been contributed and by whom. Transparency is in order when a former legislator reaches out for cash. Is it coming from people for whom he’s done favors or legal work — the gambling machine business he represented on the floor of the legislature is one potential friend that comes to mind.

Worse, rumors persist that the feds went after Hutchinson on this offense in hopes of rolling him over on the broader case of widespread bribery and kickbacks to legislators in return for state money and business. MIght legal fee payment buy silence on that issue? Transparency would deal with the question.


Testimonials on the website come from Hutchinson’s father, former U.S. senator and now lobbyist Tim Hutchinson; his attorney Tim Dudley; Cummins, and Stephen Larson, another attorney for Hutchinson. Larson, a California lawyer, was a Bush appointee to the federal bench who went back into private practice in 2009, with defense of white collar criminals among his credits.

If you are so inclined, they accept credit cards.