DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING HOU SEE ON TV: Clip from French HIll ad falsey suggesting Clarke Tucker wants to abolish ICE.

The New York Times reports on a Republican strategy
to turn attention from the families separated by Trump immigration policy to scattered calls for the abolition of Immigration Customs and Enforcement. Most Democrats haven’t joined this call, but it hasn’t stopped Republicans from running on the issue even against declared opponents. Such as Clarke Tucker in Arkansas’s 2nd District.

Republican Rep. French HIll has advertising implying Tucker supports the abolition of ICE and claiming he attended an “anti-ICE” rally in Little Rock. From there, he ties Tucker to the MS-13 gang, as yet unseen in Arkansas.


Facts are these: Tucker attended a “Families Belong Together” rally at the Arkansas Capitol in June that protested the inhumane Trump family separation policy.
The rally was specifically about border policy.

No matter. A Republican tracker asked Tucker there about abolishing ICE and he said he didn’t know what the tracker was talking about.


Later, Tucker made himself clear on the point. Tucker’s position can be found on his website. Along with supporting a path to citizenship for dreamers,  it says:

Like the vast majority of Americans, I support ICE and our Homeland Security agencies in carrying out the mission to keep our borders safe and strong, while increasing accountability and transparency in our immigration enforcement through common-sense strategic investments. 

No matter what Tucker said. You’ll see a lot more of Hill’s ad conveying something else. It’s as honest as claim he supports coverage of cover of pre-existing illnesses, when he’s voted for legislation that would destroy it.