John Oliver’s punchy weekly news review on HBO last night featured the dubious activities of the Republicans who are attorneys general around the U.S., including Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Not a shining moment for her, particularly a karaoke clip, though Rutledge probably basks in the criticism of a liberal commentator.

Some $100 million is going to be spent on these races. It matters, Oliver noted very seriously. Republicans have teamed up to sue the federal government. They’ve fought Obamacare and otherwise sued the Obama administration 25 times or more. Overtime pay. They fought it. Protection for transgender kids? Fought it. Yes, Democrats have adopted a similar strategy against Trump.


You’ll enjoy the clips of singing A.G.’s (and one wife). Check video that purports to show Texas’s Ken Paxton stealing a $1,000 pen.

Oliver notes the favor curried by Republicans at private events for big spenders, often with matters pending before the attorneys. Scott Pruitt, EPA administrator until scandal did him in, was highlighted for using oil company work in his own letters
Rutledge is highlighted bragging about Republican fund-raising. But, at roughly the 15:09 mark, they also have her singing. She might be a better lawyer than singer and, well, on that, remember: “Do not rehire.” (Oliver comments the band is playing in E major and she’s singing in “H.”)


Oliver closes with a bagpiper doing Rutledge’s song about a sexy tractor.