MONEY SOURCE: The CEO of Stephens Inc. is among the top 50 donors to super PACs this election cycle. Encyclopedia of Arkansas

Here’s the open line. And, courtesy of the Washington Post, a list of the biggest contributors to elections this year, left and right,  leading with Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife at $112 million. There’s an Arkansas angle.

Imagine being able to give away $112 million with no discernible impact on your standard of living.

The top 50 contributors to super PACs include poultry magnate Ron Cameron of Little Rock, at $2.625 million and Little Rock financier Warren Stephens, at a puny $2.25 million.

This is only super PAC giving. There are other ways to contribute, some cloaked in darkness.


This is big money, not grassroots giving. 80 percent of donations to super PACs come from people giving  $500,000 or more.