Seven-day pre-election finance reports are due today and they include the first meaningful reports on money in the race for Little Rock mayor.

What we don’t know yet is how many will be filed in time for online inspection today and whether the filers will wait until the last minute. The mayor’s reports go to the Pulaski County clerk. Spending in ballot issue races go to the state Ethics Commission, a website that even exceeds Secretary of State Mark Martin’s in poor utility. Independent expenditure committees report to the secretary of state.


This one is in, volunteered by lawyer David Couch for the campaign pushing to raise the minimum wage in Arkansas. They’ve received an additional $850,000 this reporting period, to raise to $1.44 million contributions to the initiated act campaign. It came from the 1630 Fund, which has contributed $1.3 million to the campaign. It’s a 501C4 headed by investments manager Eric Kessler and provides grants to progressive organizations.

I’ll add other money reports as I stumble across them.


UPDATE: Mayor’s race.

Baker Kurrus’ report is in. He’s raised $324,999 since entering the race late and had about $50,000 on hand.


You can see all the contributors here.

Kurrus got a late start. Both Frank Scott Jr. and Warwick Sabin formed exploratory committees to get around the late start on campaign fund-raising for city office otherwise provided in city ordinance. The method was cleared by the Ethics Commission. Scott raised more than $141,000 in the exploratory phase and Sabin more than $257,000. Sabin transferred $187,000 to his regular campaign committee. Scott had almost $65,000 unspent at the end of the exploratory period in June that he carried over.

UPDATE II: Here’s the report by Frank Scott Jr.

It shows he’s raised $229,893 and has about $34,000 on hand.


UPDATE III: Warwick Sabin’s report is in. I don’t have full report yet, but the summary shows that he’s raised $357,178 and spent all but about $23,000 of it.

Given that he carried over $187,000 raised through June, Kurrus seems to be the bigger money raiser in the time since he announced in late May. But Michael Cook, who works for Sabin,  says that presumption is incorrect. He says the $357,000 was raised between June 1 and this report and doesn’t include the $187,000 that Sabin indicated in June was transferred to the regular campaign committee. Another campaign spokesman seemed to indicate otherwise in the Democrat-Gazette Wednesday morning, however.  If his contribution report Tuesday doesn’t include the $187,000 that he reported transferring to the regular committee in June, where is it?

FINAL CLARIFICATION ON WEDNESDAY: I was right and Cook was wrong. Sabin’s report DOES include the $187,000 carryover. If you’re counting, Kurrus DID raise more in the June 1-Oct. 30 period than Sabin did. But they are about equally equipped with money.

There are two other mayoral candidates. The county clerk has no report on file for Vincent Tolliver. Glen Schwarz filed a report in September saying he’d spent $6.