ICYMI: Republicans swept state offices and all three ballot issues passed — voter ID, casino expansion, minimum wage increase.

All Republican incumbents are heading to re-election, with Republican Rep. French Hill of the 2nd District taking a 25,000-vote beating in his home county, but picking up enough support in the ‘burbs to win by 20,000 over Democrat Clarke Tucker, 52-46.

I don’t have a final count on the legislature. I know the Democrats picked up one seat with Denise Garner’s defeat of Rep. Charlie Collins, but Democratic Party Chair Michael John Gray was defeated in his race for re-election by Craig Christiansen. A bevy of good candidates made strong runs in Pulaski, Washington and Benton County against Republican incumbents, but couldn’t break out of the mid-40s for the most part.

UPDATE: it now appears Democrat Megan Godfrey may have upset incumbent Republican Rep. Jeff Williams in Springdale by a narrow margin.


Justice Courtney Goodson seemed headed to an easy defeat of a tidal wave of dirty outside money to hang onto her Supreme Court seat.

No changes in the Senate. The poorest finisher of the Republicans was Sen. Jason Rapert, the bumptious bully of Bigelow, who could score only 55 percent against Maureen Skinner despite a torrent of Rapert abuse of her good name.