Bryan Poe, election coordinator in Pulaski County, tells me there are 1,037 provisional ballots not included in unofficial totals announced Tuesday night.

The Election Commission will decide which of those ballots to count. Those cast provisionally for lack of photo ID, where the voter signed an affidavit attesting to identity, will be counted. But he said there are other ballots with registration questions that are still being sorted through. The Commission will discuss the ballots at a meeting Tuesday.

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Additionally, there are 437 outstanding overseas/military ballots which can arrive by mail as late as next Friday and still be counted. Typically, only a few of those votes come in after the election. There’s only been one since Tuesday, he said.

But, theoretically, an abundance of these ballots in a single race conceivably could affect an outcome, but, Poe said, the likelihood is not high. For example:  Warwick Sabin was edged out of the Little Rock mayoral runoff by 531 votes. If a count of the provisional ballots gave him a 532-vote edge over Baker Kurrus, the runoff could change with leader Frank Scott Jr.. Among the reasons that’s unlikely is that Little Rock voters accounted for only about half of the 135,000 votes cast countywide.