The deeply split Florida vote would be a mess even without fraudulent claims of fraud by Republican senatorial candidate Rick Scott, who wants vote counting stopped with him ahead.

The situation isn’t quite so close in Georgia, where the Republican gubernatorial candidate likewise thinks enough votes have been counted, given his narrow margin. Complications there include the GOP”s vote suppression tactics throughout the year by the leader, Brian Kemp, conveniently the state’s secretary of state.

These races make an interesting contrast with close races for Congress in California where trailing Republicans are similarly refusing to concede defeat until every last vote is counted. No Democrat has been heard to cry fraud in these races.

And then there’s Arizona, where Democrat Kristin Sinema is building a narrow lead over Republican Martha McSally as votes continue to arrive in their Senate race. Donald Trump suggests counting votes is fraudulent. Most Republicans, including McSally, have not said this. She has past experience with changing outcomes in close races where late-arriving ballots made the difference.


Count all the votes and then recount them if necessary to be sure. Seems simple. It isn’t, as Al Gore learned.

PS: Donald Trump today said the count as of Election Day should be all that matters. This means not counting overseas military ballots, which may be counted as late as Friday of this week. He said this on Veterans Day