TOM MARS: 'The great emancipator' of Ole Miss football players.

Good feature from Yahoo Sports on Tom Mars, the Arkansas lawyer who went after to Ole Miss for its treatment of Houston Nutt and set events in motion that included the transfer of star Ole Miss players to other schools.

For this, Yahoo writes that Mars is the “most impactful” man in college football this season.


No disrespect to Jim Delany, Gene Smith, Kirk Herbstreit or Jimmy Sexton, but the most impactful man in a suit is a glib Arkansas lawyer with a zest for hooking bull sharks and University of Mississippi leaders. His work has radically altered both the 2017 and ’18 seasons.

Tom Mars is the reason why Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson has a chance to be the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year in 2018, and why the Wolverines have a chance to make the playoff. Mars is the reason why Van Jefferson currently is the leading receiver at Florida and Tre Nixon is the No. 2 receiver at Central Florida. He is the reason why Deontay Anderson is the third-leading tackler at Houston. He is the reason why Jack DeFoor is playing this season at Georgia Tech, and Jarrion Street is playing at UAB.

That was Mars’ work as the Great Emancipator of Ole Miss transfers attempting to gain immediate eligibility elsewhere. He fought the school, fought the NCAA rules and won.

Last year, Mars’ high-pressure pursuit of an Ole Miss apology to former football coach Houston Nutt led down a document trail that eventually resulted in the discovery of Hugh Freeze’s infamous escort call on his university cell phone records. That led to Freeze’s firing and the elevation of Matt Luke as coach of the Rebels, on the program’s way to an NCAA postseason ban and other sanctions.

Now how about doing something about those Hogs?