Politics in Darkansas aren’t so hot, but there is always Mississippi, where the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate continues to put her foot in her mouth.

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, earlier quoted about being happy to attend a public hanging with a favorite person, got caught on video a few days ago saying it might be a good idea to find a way to suppress votes from liberal-leaning college students. Liberals? In Mississippi? Or maybe she’s talking about some of those colleges heavily populated by black students.


Just joking, she says. Taken out of context. You know the drill.

Democrat Mike Espy is in a runoff with Hyde-Smith. He’s black. He notes that voting rights were won by blood in Mississippi. It isn’t a joking matter.


Even if you credit Hyde-Smith for a lame attempt at humor in the remark caught on video, Republican vote suppression is no joke. It is party policy, enacted by legislatures across the country, including in Arkansas. Cindy Hyde-Smith got caught telling the truth.