Nannette Ruelle works 25-35 hours a week, making $9 an hour. She's locked out of Medicaid coverage in Arkansas for the rest of the year because of state's confusing new work-reporting bureaucracy. In Benji Hardy's heartbreaking new Arkansas Times story, he reports that she is now running out of the medications she needs to continue working.

The unfolding disaster in Arkansas — thousands being stripped of their health insurance thanks to poorly designed new rules mandating that certain Medicaid beneficiaries electronically file monthly paperwork reporting their work activities  — has been attracting national attention. Max noted this morning a devastating new report from The Washington Post and PBS NewsHour.

From closer to home, another must-read on the scandal: In this week’s Arkansas Times, Benji Hardy provides the deepest coverage to date of the human costs behind the nasty bureaucratic mess created by Governor Hutchinson and his administration. Benji reports on the various ways that the process created by the state is utterly broken, and tells the heartbreaking stories of the victims of the Hutchinson administration’s malfeasance.  Read the whole thing.