BEHOLD, THE SPAM OF GOD: Rapert sends out mass invite to new club. BRIAN CHILSON (File photo)

Rep. Jason Rapert
stated yesterday that he had sent invitations to all 7,383 state legislators in the United States to join a nonprofit group he has founded, the National Association of Christian Lawmakers. Presumably legislators heard from Rapert in their inbox even if, shudder to think, they are not Christians.

In a Facebook post announcing the mass invite, the group explained: “Our national motto is ‘In God We Trust’ and it is time that our lawmakers start honoring the Judeo-Christian foundation of our nation.”


Rapert’s lengthy email to lawmakers across the country states that he envisions his new group to be “organized professionally in a similar manner” as ALEC (the handsomely funded rightwing legislative advocacy group that offers up cookiecutter legislation at junkets for lawmakers). “But we will be organizing to address legislative issues from a Judeo-Christian worldview,”  Rapert explains. “The concept is that we would debate and discuss issues and formulate model statutes, ordinances and resolutions based upon a Biblical worldview for introduction in cities, counties, states and nationally at the federal level.”

These are perilous times, Rapert writes, fretting about abortion, same-sex marriage, and the rise of witches. But he is uniquely positioned for the challenges ahead, he says, because he has fended off challenges from Satanists. “Currently, I am the only known state legislator to actively have a federal lawsuit filed directly against them by the American Atheists,” he writes.


If Rapert’s message stirs the souls of legislators perusing their overstuffed inboxes, they are invited to become a charter member, or even serve on the national board of advisers.

Rapert also took to Twitter to inform President Trump about the initiative.


Here’s the full letter:

Dear Fellow Legislator,

You are invited to become a charter member of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers. I ask you to please read this message entirely and respond with your feedback as soon as possible.

There are 7,383 state legislators serving in state legislatures across our great country. You are receiving this e-mail because you are one of the many legislators who served during 2018. I am reaching out to invite any of you who are interested to join with us in the formation of a new national legislative organization that is long overdue.

Our founding fathers made four specific references to God in the Declaration of Independence referring to Him as Nature’s God, our Creator, the Supreme Judge of the World and Divine Providence. The founders hinged their rationale for declaring our independence upon the clear notion that God has given every person natural rights that no man created and no man can take away. Our nation is forgetting this fundamental principle of our American Republic and it is time that we take action before it is too late.

We are planning to formally launch the National Association of Christian Lawmakers in 2019 – if you are interested in helping with this venture we ask that you respond to this invitation and let me know as soon as possible.

I began sharing my idea for the creation of this association over the past few years with with fellow lawmakers and other Christian leaders around the country. We are ready to proceed and now it is time to invite all like-minded legislative colleagues around the country to join with us. I understand that this association will not be supported by every legislator or lawmaker in the country, but for those who understand the importance of protecting our Judeo-Christian history and heritage we invite you to help launch the organization as a charter member in 2019.

This is very exciting and will become an important force across the country. Think of the scope and professionalism we all understand that is present in NCSL, ALEC, CSG and other national legislative organizations – I envision the NACL being organized professionally in a similar manner, but we will be organizing to address legislative issues from a Judeo-Christian worldview.

My goal is to organize the National Association of Christian Lawmakers to be a functioning legislative organization that has a leadership structure populated by Christian lawmakers on committees from the local, state and federal level. The concept is that we would debate and discuss issues and formulate model statutes, ordinances and resolutions based upon a Biblical worldview for introduction in cities, counties, states and nationally at the federal level. No other organization has done this or is currently doing this in our country today. You will become a charter member of an organization that will have a profound positive impact upon public discourse and the future direction of our nation.

With recent news that voters have been electing people that openly defy Biblical values in several parts of our country, it is important that Christian lawmakers come together to consider Biblical principles and how to better incorporate them into our society to honor God. This is exactly what our founding fathers did when they formed the colonies, drafted the Declaration of Independence, later formed the first states and ultimately created our Republic under the U.S. Constitution.

Consider this – John Jay was a member of the Continental Congress from 1774 through 1779, serving as its president in 1778-79. He drafted New York’s first constitution in 1777, was the chief justice of the New York supreme court in 1777 and 1778. He became the United States minister to Spain in 1779, and signed the final peace treaty with England. He was the US secretary of foreign affairs 1784 to 1789. He was one of the Constitution’s most outspoken proponents, and in 1789, he became the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and finally, the governor of New York from 1795 until 1801. He co-authored the Federalist Papers and was also elected president of the Westchester Bible Society in 1818, and in 1821, John Jay became the president of the American Bible Society.

We all should remember John Jay’s courageous statement made on October 12, 1816,

“Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers. National prosperity can neither be obtained nor preserved without the favor of Providence.”

This is one of the most bold statements ever made by a significant leader in our nation. Unfortunately his wisdom has been shunned and long buried by secular humanists in their hope of secularizing our nation to the point that no mention of God is ever allowed in the public square. It is time to take action and I am looking for solid leaders who are willing to take a stand.

This is why I also envision executive level leadership training for lawmakers and prospective lawmakers to train them how to endure the fire that we receive while in the trenches as elected officials. We need to be creating leaders who will stand strong like Daniel and Paul no matter what is thrown their way.

I personally know what it is like to take a stand and become a target of those in our nation who want to squelch religious liberty and religious speech in the public square. Currently, I am the only known state legislator to actively have a federal lawsuit filed directly against them by the American Atheists.

I have also been targeted by the Satanic Temple , American Humanists, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and Planned Parenthood over the years as well. I know what it is to fight for what is right and I want to ensure that other conservative Christian leaders are properly equipped to withstand the harassment tactics of the extreme Left which are meant to wear Christian leaders down in the public arena. This is not just another educational organization – this is meant to be an effort to properly equip our leaders and put them into the battle to save our nation.

It has become crystal clear to me over the past eight years that we must begin rebuilding the foundation of our Judeo-Christian heritage in this nation. One of the greatest things we can do for our country in the long term is to organize fellow Christian lawmakers into a formidable force to steer this nation back towards God. I sure hope that you will help me.

The goal is for lawmakers to come together in support of clear Biblical principles and do our best to ensure that our nation lives up to our national motto “In God We Trust”. There are two central issues burdening our nation at this time that must be addressed by lawmakers to restore the honor of God in our country – abortion and same-sex marriage clearly violate Biblical principles.

The time is now to take a stand before our Judeo-Christian foundation is forever lost in the nation. Newsweek recently reported on the recent trend of declining Christianity and the rise of the occult in our nation publishing this dire warning:


If this message stirs your soul and spurs you to action, please respond and tell me how you would like to help today.

We need to know the following from those of you interested in joining with us:

1. Would you like to become a charter member?
2. Would you be interested in serving on the national board of advisers?
3. Would you be willing to serve as a charter state director?
4. Would you be willing to attend the 2019 organizational meeting?

Please respond to with your answers to these four questions and provide us with your full contact information including name, address, e-mail and phone number. We would like to have your initial responses no later than December 15, 2018. We will be contacting interested lawmakers with information on the 2019 organizational meeting shortly thereafter.

Please visit our National Association of Christian Lawmakers FaceBook page, “Like” the page and share it with all of your contacts on social media and begin discussing with interested parties in your individual states.

Former President Ronald Reagan once said,

“Without God there is no virtue because there is no prompting of the conscience…without God there is a coarsening of the society; without God democracy will not and cannot endure…if we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under”.

I agree with President Reagan and I know there are many of you who agree with him as well. You are who I hope to hear from. I look forward to hearing from you soon and how you would like to be involved.


Sen. Jason Rapert
Arkansas State Senate
Founder – National Association of Christian Lawmakers

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