The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism has completed its final report on the fight, and panicked exit, that broke out last August at high-school football game at War Memorial Stadium.

Here’s the full report, which was first reported on by the D-G this morning.

The fight broke out in the third quarter of the Salt Bowl, an annual game between the Benton Panthers and the Bryant Hornets. The fight involved ten males, according to the report, one of whom pulled out and activated a stun gun. This led to cries of “Gun, Gun,” and what the report described as a “mass panic situation.” 

The situation was exacerbated when multiple barriers were knocked down near one of the exit gates as people fled. The noise made by the barriers coming down caused yet more people to yell, “Gun!”

Several spectators were injured during the melee and the remainder of the game was cancelled.

There was no evidence of an active shooter, the report concluded:

After a lengthy investigation and corroboration between all agencies involved, it was concluded that at no time during the events of August 25, 2018, at War Memorial Stadium, was active shooter confirmed. No evidence of any firearm discharge occurred during the mass panic situation. It was purely a mass panic situation induced by a stun gun and barriers falling that made a sound distinct to that of a gunshot.