Campaign filings with the Pulaski County Clerk show that both Frank Scott Jr. and Baker Kurrus have raised more than $100,000 since the original Election Day earlier this month in the race for Little Rock mayor.

Between Nov. 7 and Nov. 24, Scott raised $110,334,22, according to his filing (in addition to new contributions, that includes $3,476 contributed over from his general election campaign funds).

The Kurrus filing lists the money his campaign raised over a larger period, between Oct. 28 and Nov. 23: $119,150. Of that, around $103,000 was raised after the original Nov. 6 Election Day.

Scott was the top vote-getter in the November mayoral election with 37 percent, but fell short of the 40 percent threshold necessary to win the election outright. Kurrus won 29 percent of the vote in the first round, squeaking by third-place finisher Warwick Sabin by around 500 votes. Scott and Kurrus are now competing in a runoff election set for Dec. 4 (early voting has begun).

Kurrus’ total expenditures during the period covered by his filing were $128,501 and the balance of his campaign funds at the closing of the period was $42,200. Kurrus’s spending includes $29,639 in television advertising, $2,775 in newspaper advertising, $43,667 in other advertising, and $24,682 on direct mail.

Scott’s expenditures were $86,070.95, leaving him with a balance of $24,263. Scott’s spending includes $29,000 on television advertising, $25,000 on radio advertising, $2,410 in other advertising, and $21,000 on direct mail.

You can see all of the contributions and expenditures itemized at the Pulaksi County Clerk’s website: Here is Scott and here is Kurrus