The Freedom from Religion Foundation today issued a press release condemning Rep. Jason Rapert‘s new effort to create a National Association of Christian Lawmakers.

The FFRF, a nonprofit group that sees things a bit differently from Rapert, described Rapert’s new project as a “countrywide Christian Nationalist push.”

We covered Rapert’s effort earlier this week: He claims to have sent invitations to all 7,383 state legislators in the United States to join the new nonprofit group he has founded. It is unclear how many of these invitations wound up in Spam folders. Rapert’s screed is quite long.

Rapert, in his letter to lawmakers, envisions his new group to be “organized professionally in a similar manner” as ALEC (the handsomely funded rightwing legislative advocacy group that offers up cookiecutter legislation at junkets for lawmakers). “But we will be organizing to address legislative issues from a Judeo-Christian worldview,” Rapert explains. “The concept is that we would debate and discuss issues and formulate model statutes, ordinances and resolutions based upon a Biblical worldview for introduction in cities, counties, states and nationally at the federal level.”


FFRF, one of the groups that filed suit after a Ten Commandments monument pushed by Rapert was erected at the state Capitol, was explicitly mentioned in by Rapert in his letter as one of the groups targeting him, along with atheists, Satanists, witches, humanists, and Planned Parenthood. Oh my.

In its press release, FFRF responded, “His Christian persecution complex is misplaced; we correct Rapert because he so regularly violates the Constitution.”

And more:

Facts and inclusivity are not Rapert’s strong suits. He’s a Christian nationalist who relies on historical revisionism and division. …  Rapert is not content with unconstitutional monuments. Now, he wants to target women and LGBTQ citizens. 

You can read the rest of their commentary here.

The group states, “The Freedom From Religion Foundation — with its 32,000 members all over the United States — will be keeping a close eye on Rapert’s proposed cabal of theocrats.”