Chintan Desai, who ran unsuccessfully for the First Congressional District seat this year, took exception to comments Rapert made on social media regarding Muslim voters.

Here is Rapert’s Facebook post that Desai responded to:


Rapert, as his wont, took exception to Desai’s comments and responded at least half a dozen times, as well as countless other jibs and jabs with random Twitter interlocutors. A sample of Rapert’s fierce counters: “it was not a group of Baptists, Jews or Mormons who hijacked planes and killed thousands of innocent people on 9/11/2001 – they were all radical Muslims. #Facts #History.”

Desai didn’t take the bait and let his original tweet, which has been retweeted or favorited hundreds of times, speak for itself.


 Rapert closed by offering this soliloquy:

Extremists damage our nation when they hurl slurs & false charges against anyone they disagree with. Rather than try to educate themselves on issues which challenge them, they immediately begin demonizing opponents. This must stop for honest political discourse to flourish.

I will not ignore data, facts and information that helps us understand the world in which we live simply because extreme liberals want to deny the existence of the data, facts or information. I have never yielded to their slurs & will never do so. Americans must wake up & engage.

For more on Desai, the Helena Democrat who unsuccessfully challenged Republican incumbent Rep. Rick Crawford, don’t miss Benji Hardy’s recent profile.


Crawford won handily with 69 percent of the vote to 29 percent for Desai. Libertarian Elvis Presley finished third with 2 percent of the vote.