The Kentucky Supreme Court today struck down a state law that changed the state teacher pension plan, a change that sparked massive teacher protests.

The issue is being watched across the country because the Kentucky legislature backed Gov. Matt Bevin’s plan to, among other changes, switch teachers in the future from a defined benefit plan to a 401K-style plan that would be less expensive and work to reduce the system’s unfunded obligations. There’s been some talk of that in Arkansas, though Gov. Asa Hutchinson has said he supports the system in Arkansas as it is.

The Kentucky court ruling didn’t reach the issue of whether changes in the pension  violated past promises to teachers. It ruled strictly on process — the failure of the legislature to take the required three days to consider the legislation before passage.

The decision is a blow to Blevin, a Republican who plans to seek re-election next year. Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear filed the lawsuit and he plans to challenge Bevin next year.