Brett Rains of 40/29 is tweeting from the Capitol that the Department of Human Services is slowing its push for cuts in reimbursements for home health aides that critics have said could force many people into more expensive nursing home and force companies that provide the services out of business.

No story in hand yet, but Rains quotes DHS officials as saying there will be another study of the services — in hot debate since the state tried to use a computer formula to assess needs rather than a human being. He also quotes DHS as saying proposed cuts would be implemented over two years, rather than at once. The study is to be done by March.

Any change is better than none. But the mythical frog in the slowly heating pot of water still dies.

DHS rolled out a 21.7 percent cut in reimbursements in October (from $80 to $61 a day) to heavy criticism. Even legislators who favor cutting Medicaid to provide money for tax cuts for the wealthy have been saying DHS has gone too far.