A couple of significant headlines this morning in the fight to curb Donald Trump’s criminal or otherwise faulty impulses. And, whoa, did a judge lay into MIchael Flynn today, Lock him up!

* BORDER WALL: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, should you choose to believe her, says the Trump administration will find another way to fund $5 billion in border wall spending rather than shut down government. Democrats weren’t on board, but there was doubt Trump could have passed this deal through either house of Congress, currently controlled by Republicans.


* PERSONAL FOUNDATION: He’s agreed to shut down his personal foundation amid allegations that he’s used it illegal for personal and political benefit. “Persisntently illegal conduct,” the story says.

Resistance clearly is NOT futile.


UPDATE:  A federal judge says he’s considering prison time for Michael Flynn, telling him “You sold your country out” by working as an agent for a foreign government while serving as Trump’s national security advisory. And Flynn, has dropped the excuse Trump has been making for him.

Sullivan asked Flynn if he intended to “to challenge the circumstances under which” he was interviewed.

“No, your honor,” Flynn replied. “I was aware that lying to the FBI was a crime.”

The judge also raised a question about the possibility of treason in some of the actions by Flynn in talking of removing Russian sanctions when it was clear Russians had meddled in the election. Flynn’s sentencing has now been delayed so that he can demonstrate more cooperation before the judge passes sentence.


Lock him up.