The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission, which will award 32 dispensary licenses in eight regions at its Jan. 9 meeting, released today the scores submitted to it by the Public Consulting Group. The PCG scored 199 companies; the information was released under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Commission spokesman Scott Hardin stressed that the scores had not been reviewed or voted on and are therefore not official.

The top 32 scorers are not guaranteed a license; should there be more than eight applicants from one region among the top 32, the commission will have to reach below the top 32 scores.

UPDATE: Hardin sent out a revision for those doing the math: “… bonus points should be multiplied by 5 due to the five reviewers (it would be ten points max on each reviewer’s sheet for 50 max total). Simply multiply the existing bonus total on the excel spreadsheet by 5.”


KARK-TV’s Jessi Turnure apparently researched the addresses of the dispensaries (with a few exceptions, not provided on the spreadsheet) and tweeted her breakdown of the 32 highest scoring dispensaries by region last night, followed up by a second tweet with the revision.

However, businesses may not hold more than one license, so Natural State Wellness, should the scores stand, would have to choose between Zone 3 (Northeast Arkansas), 4 (West Arkansas), 5 (Central Arkansas north of Pulaski County) and 7 (Southeast Arkansas), where it was among the top four scorers; Grass Roots OPCO will have to choose between 3, 5 and 8 (Southwest Arkansas); Valentine Holdings will have to choose between Zone 1, 2 (North Central Arkansas) and 4; and Acanza will have to choose between Zone 1 (Northwest Arkansas) and 7.


So there are only 23 companies in the top 32, if you break it down by region. That pulls up nine more, if my math is right. And if, among those nine, there are companies that would end up in more than one zone, then more will rise to the top.