That outpouring of support for both teachers specifically and the Little Rock School District generally at the recent state Board of Education meeting didn’t just happen: It was a product of some old-fashioned organizing by school support groups old and new. Get on board:

A new effort is Concerned Parents and Friends of LRSD (or, simply, #OurLRSD) which has a social media presence already at both Twitter and Facebook. The group also has a webpage.

Also join the cause by signing the petition for a return of local control to the district at It says:

The Arkansas State Board of Education took over control of the Little Rock School District in January 2015, declaring it to be in academic distress. According to state law, the state can only retain control of a local district for five years, which would mean a school board would need to be in place by 2020. But neither the Board of Education nor Commissioner Johnny Key has outlined a timeline for a return to local control.

Four years later, there are no measurable improvements in student achievement, and the State continues to harm our district and our kids by closing and consolidating schools, waiving legal protections for all LRSD employees, and continuing to allow charter-school expansion in Pulaski County—above the vocal objections of LRSD parents, teachers, and local leaders. Ultimately, our children will be the ones who will suffer, and we currently have no say-so.

Tell Governor Asa Hutchinson, Commissioner Johnny Key, and the State Board of Education that it’s time to return control of the Little Rock School District to its parents, teachers, and taxpayers.